Homeschooling London Born Style

First of all let’s raise a glass to all of the parents participating in the education of your children. Although it can be challenging, it is also very rewarding to see how your their minds work and develop. Many years ago when ours were young, we decided to travel and educate them with experiences. Whilst there were ups and downs we continued to homeschool and really enjoyed our time together. My first bit of advice is be gentle on yourself and your family. This is hard work and teachers are trained for this role. Also, children are used to their classroom environment and routine so now is the time to remind yourself not all learning needs to come from books or computers.

Here are some ideas that worked with my gang when they were young.

Sort socks, clothing piles or something else that can be categorized. This is also a perfect way to teach them how to help around the house too!

Turn your home into a theatre, as a family write a play and perform it. You can video it and share with friends and relatives.

Make up silly poems or songs for the 20-30 seconds of handwashing.

Math lessons: make play money and help them to shop around the house. When you cook lunch price each item and have them buy their lunch with play money.  Actually, my kids did not like this one bit, they preferred to eat without the maths lessons. So maybe skip this one. Older children can help with grocery lists, budgeting and be part of weekly planning.

Take lots of walks and listen to sounds then try your own bird calls. Estimate distance or time it takes to walk up and down the street or across parks. Then check the distance on your smart phones or old school maps, or pace it out with steps. My kids were more enthusiastic about this than paying for their lunches.

Teach meditation & mindfulness, help them learn how to control emotions.   Tell them they can have one treat now or wait for two hours and have two treats. Ask them why they made that choice.

Analyze advertisements, commercials, YouTube clips and ask your kids what they think the key message is? How is the advertiser appealing to the target audience?

In the end we may never have this amount of time again and what children will remember are the real life examples and spending time with you. What my now adult children remember are the conversations, the time we found a hermaphrodite crab in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and Dad reading “Just William stories “ with all the character voices. Building a climbing frame-tree house and the climbing wall that they worked on all summer probably constituted an entire maths lesson.

So grab a glass or maybe a bottle and toast and give yourselves a good pat on the back.

Stay safe!, Stay home and eat cake (well not too much of it).




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