Bootsie blog

Bootsie blog


Yes , yes all right I know. Cats do not normally write blogs but I’m Bootsie and I’m writing this blog. So.

I normally sit in the lobby watching the world go by. Watching you all as you pass through as you buy wine and then return again with bags and boxes laden with that liquid marked cab franc, Warren , other silly names . Some times you talk to me . you talk to me as if I’m a baby not nearly 70 years old. Though really I cannot complain all that goo goo talk I quite like. And then , then you bend down and pet me! . Don’t tell shimmer but I like that also. That’s when I can see what you have in those brown London Born bags.

Some times I sneek in and look around . I’ve been down to the barrel cellar and sat on tops of tanks where that cab franc stuff is made. Doesn’t appeal to me and all the work and time it takes Wouldn’t it be easier to have milk or water in those brown bags.  And as I sit contemplating you humans waste of resources one of you find me and turf me out .

And  its back to my lobby were I habitually lie in the sun. Occasionally I wonder far away to the meadow and find a mouse though these days I don’t see the point as I’m fed quite well and there are no mice close to the winery. It’s a nice meadow with cut paths for you. Shimmer and I prefer the grass.

Shimmer, now she is a wild card. Can not pin her down. Off here and there . At least she stays in the lobby in the winter and we can keep each other warm.


Well that’s probably all I can write for now  as some one will take me off  Annette’s  computer  and its back to the lobby. Come visit me as I lay on the path  in the sun  observing you.  Your strange hand movements and walks .  Come visit  then walk around the meadow so I can sneak up on you.


Purr,  purrrs ,  Bootsie